At Hersh & Crockett, we take on the complexities of truck accident claims in Hartford and throughout Connecticut. Years of experience have taught us when a large 18-wheeler collides with a car or motorcycle, the damage to the smaller vehicle is more catastrophic. Injuries suffered by the drivers and occupants are usually more severe and life-threatening.

Personal injury claims involving those types of collisions are more complex. Insurance policies are more valuable with adjusters more aggressive in protecting them by minimizing payouts. A skilled and seasoned attorney is vital to prove not only who, but what, caused the accident.

Life-Changing Truck Accidents Call For A Skilled And Successful Attorney

Federal regulations are in place that dictate the number of hours drivers can be on the road and the time needed for breaks. Truckers feeling the pressure of making strict deadlines often violate the laws that govern their industry. Their employers often turn a blind eye to these infractions, putting profits over safety.

In addition to driver fatigue or overly aggressive driving, operating a poorly maintained truck with multiple defects, poor lighting of the vehicle or carrying too large a load in the trailer can be dangerous and deadly.

At Hersh & Crockett, we perform all the legal heavy lifting, including communications with insurance adjusters, detailed site investigations, and negotiations or possible litigation to maximize the compensation you deserve.

Time Is Of The Essence In Filing A Claim. Call Hersh & Crockett, Attorneys At Law.

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