Zero Fee Guarantee


We Take Cases On A Contingency Basis

What does "contingency" mean?  Simply, it means we have no upfront fees.  You owe nothing, unless we win.  It also means that we are on your team.  Our knowledgeable Connecticut personal injury lawyers will investigate your claims, deal with insurance companies, and file any necessary lawsuit.  We are confident in our abilities and our experience with your type of case that all our work is contingent upon obtaining compensation for your injuries.  If we recover compensation by verdict or settlement, then both of us get paid.  We are in it with you to the end.


You Shouldn't Have To Worry About The Cost of Legal Representation

High quality legal representation can be expensive, especially when a life-changing event causes an unexpected burden on your family.  You might be worried about the cost of medical expenses or lost wages from having to take time away from work.  The costs can add up quickly, due to no fault of your own.  You should not have to worry about the cost of legal representation during those difficult times.  That is why experienced attorneys have figured out a way to help you recover compensation for your injuries without getting buried in the costs of being injured.

We Won't Pry Into Your Personal Life

A good experienced lawyer will be able to tell you very quickly whether you have a case.  So, we don't ask you everything about your personal life.  We try not to be invasive and we respect your personal privacy during such difficult times.  We only ask about things necessary to evaluate your case and our consultations are free.  See our 3-point plan for case processing.

Insurance Companies Have Teams of People and So Should You

If you have been in an accident or sustained an serious injury, you need people on your side.  We offer one-on-one personal attention from our personal injury attorneys and we always make sure that you know we are on the same team.  Insurance companies employ adjusters, attorneys, investigators, and all kinds of support personnel to handle their business.  Why shouldn't you do the same.  We are here to apply the same team mentality to handling your Connecticut personal injury claims.

No Health Insurance.  No problem.  We Can Help You Get Medical Treatment.

We work with a number of local doctors and medical professionals in the Hartford, Connecticut area who may be able to treat your injuries without medical insurance and without paying any medical fees upfront.  Medical professionals also understand that you need time to recover and get back to work.  It is one of the benefits of working with a team.

Benefits of Contingency Agreements

1.  YOU ARE ON OUR TEAM - You can afford high quality legal representation.  You pay nothing up front.  All necessary costs and fees associated with your case are advanced by our law firm.

2. NOTHING FROM YOUR POCKET - You never pay anything out of your own pocket because we only get paid if we recover compensation by settlement or verdict.

3. EVERYBODY DESERVES A CHANCE AT RECOVERY - We can help you get treatment, even if you do not have medical insurance, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

4. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE - If your case is unsuccessful, you owe us nothing.

Contact A Hartford Personal Injury Attorney Today

Contact our law firm today for a free case evaluation.  You pay nothing to have your case evaluated and you pay nothing unless your case is successful.