At Hersh & Crockett, we represent car accident victims whose lives have been forever changed. During the recovery period, the once-active lifestyle you enjoyed may become filled with doctor appointments, therapies and surgeries. Through that difficult time, we will remain at your side, handling all aspects of your personal injury claim.


You Focus On Getting Better While We Protect Your Rights

From assembling all of your medical records and bills, to gathering your lost wages to obtaining witness statements and photographs, to pursuing a settlement or verdict, we obtain the best possible outcome. Visiting the accident scene is an important first step. From there, we review paperwork that includes police reports, witness statements and other documents.

While you recover from an accident caused by an inattentive, reckless or impaired driver, we build your case and stand ready for trial if that is the best option for resolution.

Time Is Of The Essence In Filing A Claim. Call Hersh & Crockett, Hartford Car Accident Attorneys.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious head injury, back injury, spinal injury, or brain injury in a car or motorcycle crash, contact us at Hersh & Crockett, by calling our Hartford office at 860-527-5253 or through our online intake form. We offer a free initial consultation and there are no fees unless we obtain a settlement or favorable judgment on your behalf.

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