What Should I Do After An Accident?


After an accident, it can be confusing to know what to do or where to begin.  Hopefully, this guide will help you navigate your way back to recovery.

Here are the 10 steps to take after a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident:

1.  Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Get medical help, if you have been injured.  In particular, you will want to seek out a medical professional qualified to treat your specific injuries.  If you have medical insurance, obtain treatment through your network doctors.

2.  Tell Your Doctor About All Your Injuries

Be sure to indicate exactly what is wrong, following an accident, and do not withhold information from your doctor.  Withholding information could prevent treatment of your injuries and could later prevent you from recovering for those injuries.

3.  Take Photographs of Injuries and Property Damage

The last thing that you want after being in an accident, is someone questioning whether you were actually injured.  Take photos of any bruises, cuts, scrapes, or injuries caused by an accident.  It is also a good idea to take photos of any property damage to document the damage prior to any repairs.

4.  Save All Evidence

After an accident, you may not be thinking about the shoes that you were wearing when you slipped and fell, but those shoes can become crucial to recovering compensation for your injuries.  If possible, think about the types of evidence you may want to preserve to prove how you were injured.

5.  Attend All Medical Appointments & Follow Doctor's Orders

It is important that you do not miss any appointments or follow-ups with your doctor and you follow all your doctors orders regarding treatment.

6.  Keep Track of Medical Records & Bills

Keep detailed records of all medical bills, x-rays, MRIs, medical reports, or any other relevant medical files.

7.  Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

It is important that you seek legal help, in addition to medical help.  It is a good idea to seek an attorney who regularly handles personal injury lawsuits.  An experienced Connecticut personal injury attorney will be able to help you navigate medical insurance issues, property damage claims, and any other claims for your injuries.

8.  Keep Your Lawyer Informed

Make sure to tell your lawyer about your progress in recovering from your injuries and any changes in course of treatment.    Send all documents related to your treatment to your attorney.  Also, update your lawyer if you move addresses or change your telephone number.

9.  Do NOT Sign Anything Without Talking To An Attorney

It is always a good idea to run things by your attorney, if you are not sure.  These types of lawsuits can be confusing and sometimes you might receive letters in the mail regarding your injuries or claims.  If you receive any letters from your insurance company, in particular, do not sign anything without talking to your attorney.

10.  Do NOT Post On Social Media

MAKE YOUR Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media account PRIVATE and do not post anything about your case or injury on social media.