The attorneys at Hersh & Crockett understand that, like most clients, you will not be at your best during the divorce process. Even if you are only exploring the possibility of ending your marriage, speaking to a lawyer is a vital first step.

Education Is Power When Facing The End Of Your Marriage

We will take the time with you to explain the law and the possible outcomes of your divorce. While the marriage formally ends, specific issues require attention, such as custody and support of the children, alimony, and division of property and debts.

Revisiting The Divorce Process Through Modifications

Legal needs do not end with the finalization of the divorce. Life goes on with new jobs and new relationships. Sometimes, that requires an attorney to revisit the original agreement.

No matter where we are in the divorce or post-divorce process, we know money matters can turn the most peaceful dissolution into a battle in the courtroom. When modifications involve children moving to another state or an ex-spouse seeking a reduction of support, we strive for resolving the issues for you in the most expeditious and least costly way. 

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